Artists at the Viroqua Healing Arts Center

Artists at the Healing Arts Center

Artist Stacie Anthony

“Winged Woman Art” is an expression of my spiritual and physical journey through life, being firmly rooted in the natural world, as seen through a woman's eyes. Through this lens I am sharing the symbols and nature totem images which have become a part of my journey.

First inspired by the “Venus of Willendorf”, a paleolithic goddess fetish, I found my creative focus in organic nature and ancient culture. My paintings most often begin life as preliminary sketches for my creations as a jewelry designer. My painted images are released from a textural, charcoal or pastel-coated cradled panel surface by erasing, scratching, and sanding. An integral part of my art-making process is preparing the panels to a workable, yet tactile surface. All of my artwork has an underlying environmental focus paired with symbolic imagery. Paired imagery in my work signifies balance and soul mate relationships. The heart is an integral element in much of my work as a call for sensitivity and tenderness, not only in how we approach each other, but also in how we steward the land and waters. Butterflies, birds and wings symbolize transcendence and higher consciousness.

I hold a bachelors degree in Metalsmithing with a foundation in fashion, from Mount Mary College, a women's university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition, an emphasis on sculpture has influenced the way my paintings and jewelry designs are manipulated.

Since graduating from Mount Mary in 1998, I have exhibited throughout the United States in various art-fairs and exhibitions including the “Beckman Handcrafted Show” at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, and “The Seed”, a national, juried environmental exhibition in SoHo Manhattan, NYC.

In 2015, I took over ownership of Gary's Rock Shop, the specialty nature store located on Main Street, Viroqua, where my creative work and nature-inspiration meet.

Stacie Anthony