Zone Therapy

Matilda Ritsema

Certified Zone Therapist & Licensed Avatar Master

I have recently returned to the Viroqua community and have been working with Zone Therapy at the Viroqua Healing Arts Center. I believe that true health consists of treating all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit. I love connecting with each of my clients and providing a safe and compassionate environment for their continued health and wellness. 

I studied Zone Therapy and became certified in 2008, however my love for this therapy began during my childhood when my mother, Marie Agren, and father, Fred Kriemelmeyer, welcomed Charles Ersdal MD (MA), founder of Zone Therapy, into our home to hold classes for certification. Both of my parents are Alternative Health Practitioners so I grew up experiencing and learning about many different alternative therapies, dietary methods, supplements, and holistic healing techniques. 

Zone Therapy is a branch of Alternative Medicine that is administered through the feet, triggering specific points on the feet that transmit a corrective signal to the brain, autonomic nervous system, and the specified area in order to restore health to that area. It helps the body to normalize and optimize its own functioning evenly by targeting all of its systems; blood and lymphatic circulation, hormone balance, elimination, digestion, assimilation, and the autonomic nervous system. The treatment is administered in accordance with the studies and mapping established by Dr. Charles Ersdal MD (MA).

A session will typically consist of a comprehensive Zone Therapy treatment, a consultation regarding health concerns, suggestions for diet and supplementation to support the continued health of the body, and may also be combined with light energy work, stretching, and some Avatar exercises. The session may last anywhere from 1 hour and 15 minutes to two hours, depending on the work done, and the fees will vary based on this as well. 

Potential Benefits:

People experience the benefits of this therapy in many different ways, primarily because different people have different ailments, however one can generally expect to experience the following: 

  • Relief from pain and discomfort
  • Increased mobility
  • Regulation of the digestive system
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Increased immune function
  • An overall feeling of well-being

Developing your Human Potential:

Avatar is a series of courses that provide people with extremely effective experiential tools and exercises for exploring consciousness and broadening their potential and abilities. I began my practice of Avatar at the early age of 12 and my love for these tools grow everyday.

The Avatar tools are based on the principle that belief creates experience. The exercises and tools that are explored through this work afford a person the ability to create and dis-create their beliefs with ease so they can create their life deliberately. The Avatar Course helps people attain a stronger sense of self, more compassion, more deliberateness, and a greater love of life. The Avatar materials and tools were developed and authored by Harry Palmer. For more information contact me for a free informational hour and please visit

I am very excited to help people in promoting the wellness of their entire person by providing a therapy that stimulates and encourages the health of the whole body and through sharing information and supporting people through The Avatar Course.